Karimoku Create Blue Bottle Coffee Chairs Designed by Keiji Ashizawa

A beautiful setting option made from stackable matted oak.

Dining chairs and bar stools designed by Keiji Ashizawa are the exact chairs used at Blue Bottle Coffee Shibuya and now you can purchase them for your home.

Dubbed “CASE STUDY 02.1” and produced by leading Japanese wooden furniture manufacturer Karimoku. The light oak A-DC01 dining chair came designed specifically for the café taking into account compatibility with the modern wooden interior of the space and the outdoor space.

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Starting with its large seating surface and curved backrest, which wrap the entire body in a firm and comfortable hold. You can also stack the chairs, which make for efficient storage and transport. The counter chair A-BS01  features a similar theme and adopts a “floating design” that elevates the seat surface slightly to make it appear as if it’s levitating. They used brass on the footrest to maximize durability.

The “CASE STUDY 02.1” collection is currently on sale on the Karimoku website. Furthermore, the  A-DC01 dining chair and A-BS01 counter chair will retail at ¥84,370 and ¥69,300 JPY (approximately $767 and $630 USD) respectively. They will also exhibit the products at the “Soil and Resymbiosis Exhibition” presented by Oiya at the Karimoku Commons in Tokyo starting August 27 and lasting until the end of September. You can take a look at the images in the gallery above. Lastly, for more design news, The Parikrama House is a True Architectural Innovation.