WAVYPACK values its relationships with all our readers and those we collaborate with to bring you exciting new content on a consistent basis. We also take very seriously matters involving privacy and cyber-security. We want to protect you, our partners, and our brand. That being said, it is very important to note that we do not engage in the practice of solicitation or phishing. Any correspondence to you from our company should have an official email address ending in either @wavypack.com or @wavypackmedia.
Any emails you receive without these designations from persons claiming to be an employee, representative or partner of WavyPack or WavyPack Media LLC. are fraudulent and likely being used to scam or obtain your personal information, or in some cases your hard earned money. We're willing to investigate and take full aggressive legal action against any person or persons posing as an employee of our company or misrepresenting themselves as a partner of ours to our customers. This includes pursuing criminal charges against such persons. If you are the recipient of any such email, please report it to us immediately. We appreciate your help in making sure that our site remains a safe digital environment for everyone.

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