Does WavyPack have a store that I can visit?

No, unfortunately we do not have a public address to visit at the moment. Everything we do, we keep close to the vest. If we open a physical location to the public, we will let you know via an announcement on our site.

Are there any stores that I can buy licensed WavyPack products?

Only at wavypack.com or at an event we officially announce on our site. If you would like to carry WavyPack products, please email support@wavypack.com

Where was my product made & how are they handled prior to receiving them?

We inspect, care for and ship every item on WavyPack from our HQ in New York. We manufacture our products in several locations around the world; we work with the best in their field. Our offices are in New York, NY. No matter where we make our products, they start with a spark of an idea in our office here in NY we then distribute from one location straight to you.

Can I model for WavyPack?

Most of our models are friends & WavyPack family in the New York area. We don’t have a standard set of rules in place for “who can model,” so there is no general application. If you feel you can add to our look, contact support@wavypack.com and include “Modeling” in the subject line. Must be at least 18 years of age for consideration.

Can I take photos for WavyPack?

Most of our photoshoots are within the Connecticut area and with an in-house photographer. From time to time we extend this opportunity outside of the greater New York area to collaborate with other artists. Introduce yourself if you think your style will compliment the WavyPack aesthetic. Contact support@wavypack.com with the subject line “Photography” along with a brief about you and links to your work. Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to take recreational photographs, that include our products.

How to wash my shirt & is it pre-shrunk?

We recommend washing all graphic shirts inside-out, cold water, and tumble drying on medium. We pre-shrink all of our graphics tee’s made of high quality ring spun cotton organic cotton.

Can I edit my order after I place it?

Because of our processing/shipping time, it may or may not be possible. If you ever need to change your order after it’s processed please contact us immediately and we’ll do the best we can to help. Depending on the time of day you order it could get processed and shipped within a few hours, which narrows down the time available to make changes.

Do you ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, we only ship within the U.S. for now.

Can I get some free stickers?

Mail us a self-addressed envelope with postage on it & we will mail you back a few free stickers.

WavyPack Media, LLC
1030 Ocean Ave Office #3J
Brooklyn, NY 11226

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