The Parikrama House is a True Architectural Innovation

SPASM Design Architects create a true residential masterpiece.

Approached by a friend who represents a Minimal-window producer from Portugal, called PANORAMAH. We, were given the task of developing a sort of case study home, in the Murud region amidst a coconut grove. The windows being super high tech and modern in their presence were meant to disappear against the verdant view.

The plan evolved like a two headed worm, with the sleeping spaces in series and the higher main living and dining spaces flanking opposite ends of the series. The idea being, the tracing of a PARIKRAMA, a circum-ambulatory path, while moving from spaces, always in contact with the outside.

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The entire construction was planned in TILT- UP STONE slabs, hence allowing the minimal windows into cavity walls, Granite 40 millimeters. Thick was the material of choice. STONE, has a sense of time built into it, like the GRANDFATHER of building materials. It is also a highly sustainable material to build with due to the least number of processes on it, from quarry to site.

Conceived as a super modern yet ancient vessel, this construct is a simple assemblage of giant panels of glass against huge Stone slabs. A Primitive sense of dwelling pervades, as the day turns into a starry night sky and the light pours out of the glass making the stone invisible, A REVERSAL of what one perceives in the day….  Once all else decays the Stones will still stand….. You can take a detailed look at the Parikrama House by SPASM Design Architects in the gallery above. Lastly, for more design news, Olson Kundig Create the Perfect Hawaiian Getaway Home With the Hale Lana House.

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