Daigeau Taps LOU For Smooth New Visual “Be Free”

Both West Coast artists find themselves captured in the rural yet serene landscapes of Utah.

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Shot By
Directed By
Preston Lange
Edited By
Preston Lange
Daigeau x LOU

Take a moment to unwind, relax and sit back to the tranquil sounds of two artists who understand their mission. Daigeau pushes for gold as a California native who’s tapped one of our favorite West Coast representatives for his latest single “Be Free”. The track pulls inspiration heavily from past jazz records with a groovy baseline that serves as the backbone for a majority of the record. At it’s core “Be Free” carries a mellowness that translates effortlessly to the listener. Daigeau takes his time setting the tone for the record, the duality of his delivery helps him seamlessly discover melodies that help keep “Be Free” in a beautiful pocket.

LOU Returns With Another Visual For His Latest Offering “DUCKED OFF”

Visually, the Preston Lange directed cut holds the same force. Setting the perfect stage for a video that’s just as smooth as the song it represents. From the color grading, to the shot selection and masterfully fazed transitions. The attention to detail is in full effect here. Shot primarily in Utah, the landscape and graceful sun saturated shots make you wish you were there. You pair this with LOU’s graceful approach sonically and what you have is a record that can live anywhere. His contributions extend the record further giving it a sense of depth.

Jah Darko Releases His Latest Visual For Single “DOLO”

There’s a lot that happens when you listen to a record. At first you may listen to the production, while your second listen may help you understand what is being said. What Daigeau and Lou made here is something that aught to be felt just as much as its heard. As they transition seamlessly into their placements capturing three senses, Daigeau and LOU masterfully craft what we’d like to call. A damn good video. You can watch the full visual in the player above. Lastly, for more indie music spotlights, AFK Drop New EP “CASUALTY” With Debut of Eclectic New Visual Dubbed “Terminal“.

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