AFK Drop New EP “CASUALTY” With Debut of Eclectic New Visual Dubbed “Terminal”

The New York based collective drop off a stellar new visual to accompany the release of their latest EP.

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Shot By
NNANDI CASON @nnandicason
Directed By
Edited By

Sonically these guys are unmatched, when we first listened to AFK, we didn’t know what exactly we were listening to. It was just different. The arrangements, the rap cadences, the instrumentation.. It was organized yet organically chaotic. While we knew a return would be imminent. The New York collective impressed us with their brand new project and stellar new visual to match. This time, they’re far more refined with just about everything and with no hesitation.

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Coming back bigger and better, the latest EP “CASUALTY” is a clear personification of how much their sound has developed. Finely crafted, Thomas “TK” Karas produces as if he’s in a realm of his own with assistance from Danny. Imaginatively building worlds that come crashing down on the listener intensely. Honing in on the chemistry of the entire collective. TK’s use of space within a record is second to none especially on “terminal”.

As the Nnandi Cason shot visual takes full form, it captures you immediately, with its stark constructed tonal black and white color grading. While achieving complete synchronicity, complimenting the record immensely. In many cases the visual makes the record that much more enjoyable.

“mind over matter, I approach infinity inevitable, I do not, get a say tryna run it back, reload the save I plan escape, but they mind up is made”

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Directed by AFK, shooting the entirety of the video from the rooftop of their New York apartment. As the empty rooftop served as a blank canvas for Brandon Pettus to curate and design a new visual world. The visual queues and elements give way to their creativity. Complete with a broadened scope paired with the uncanny constricted views of a fisheye. Toss in a little bit of chaos and there you have it. The winning recipe, although this is a dish only AFK can prepare. You can watch the full visual in the player above and listen to their latest offering “CASUALTY” in the player below. Lastly, for more indie spotlights, Tommy Versailles May Touch Your Soul, If You Let Her.

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