LOU Returns With Another Visual For His Latest Offering “DUCKED OFF”

LOU joins forces with NŪGO to showcase his versatility and knack for snowboarding in his latest music video.

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Lou M

LOU returns and this time with a fresh approach to a seasoned mindset. In his latest creative endeavor, the Los Angeles emcee takes us on an excursion to Bear Mountain, California. A far colder world. A complete contrast to the warmer climate of his homestead and previous video Westside. The visual almost plays like a sonic representation of the inner presentiment LOU subconsciously displays. Far more focused, unhindered, determined with a better grasp on the stark cold nature within the music world.

“I find it funny cause I really don’t think about money. But it still follows me and I can’t complain cause it’s sunny. Even when it’s rainin’, just know it’s a mind state. She wanna figure me out see how my mind taste.”

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Yet and still Lou builds a far better reality, which we see on full display. Showcasing the enjoyment of life. In his case, enjoying the pastime of snowboarding. Which he does quite well. Cinematically the visual deserves recognition. The editing sets the tone. The details come executed exceptionally well.

Director Blayr‘s color-grading alone keeps the user’s eyes glued. Contrast comes in the form of Lou’s bright orange snowsuit and highly saturated yellow layering. The production comes courtesy of NŪGO who breathes life into the record. The simplicity of his production lets LOU’s lyrics take center stage, yet without this element, the message wouldn’t be as potent. It’s a symbiotic relationship that concretely solidifies LOU and NŪGO’s artistry.

We’re always pleased to see growth from artists, LOU is no exception. With his latest visual and cut, LOU gives more of himself. We’re he goes from he will definitely be a debut entry into his world. We’ll keep you posted as more develops. You can watch the full visual in the player above. Lastly, for more indie spotlights, check out Within Reign, All Hail Dakota Jones Band.

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