Kendrick Lamar Shares “nu thoughts,” Announces Final TDE Album

The reclusive Compton rapper took to Instagram to share some food for thought.


After a long time away from the spotlight, Kendrick Lamar broke his silence with an Instagram post early Friday morning.  The post shared a link to, a barren website containing only a folder dubbed “nu thoughts”.  Inside, a written statement from the Compton rapper details what’s been on his mind recently.  While most will only care about the mention of a new album, Kendrick’s words bear a heavy load.

I spend most of my days with fleeting thoughts,” the letter begins.  Kendrick mentions his affinity for collecting old Beach cruisers, noting how “the morning rides keep me on a hill of silence.”  Kendrick Lamar has never shied away from sharing his emotions at their rawest stages.  There’s no better example than the titular Caterpillar poem that binds TPAB, coming to fruition on “Mortal Man”.  

While the world around me evolves, I reflect on what matters most.  The life in which my words will land next.”

Kendrick Lamar is a rare example of a modern artist who understands the weight of their words and the power to live on for generations.  He has evolved beyond the simple moniker of a rapper into a transcendent individual with a greater calling in life.  Kendrick’s tone in the letter is indicative of a man who has had much to ruminate on over the last few years.  Whenever this “final TDE album” is ready to be shared with us, it will surely be as intricate and calculated as its creator.

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However, it is unclear whether this next project will be Kendrick’s last altogether.  In 2020, Kendrick launched pgLang, “a service company for creators” with Dave Free.  pgLang could serve as the focal point of Kendrick’s artistic endeavors in the post-TDE era.  

Kendrick’s last project, 2017’s DAMN, won a Pulitzer Prize for Music.  His 2015 project, To Pimp A Butterfly, has garnered massive acclaim and was one of four hip-hop albums to be archived in the Harvard University library in 2017.  

You can read Kendrick Lamar’s full statement at  For more of the latest music news, check out Daigeau and LOU’s smooth new visual “Be Free”.