Sheep Inc. Unveil New Carbon Negative Hoodie

Removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than is created through the manufacturing process.

Sustainability-focused brand label Sheep Inc. return with a new environmentally driven collection, for its latest offering the brand offers a hoodie with a negative carbon footprint. This means that, rather than requiring offsetting, the hoodie can remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than created through its sophisticated manufacturing process.

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This all begins with the use of raw materials, starting with the merino wool which they source from three regenerative sheep stations in New Zealand that use innovative land management, feeding and grazing techniques to make the wool carbon-negative. They then processed at solar-powered partners across Europe and treated with a chlorine-free treatment called Eternity X-Care.

“Being a “truly regenerative” brand means that in your existence, you naturally give more back to nature than you take. So going beyond carbon neutral. And achieving this without the need to offset or buy carbon credits. So it’s about having a business that in its existence is part of the solution of the climate crisis, not part of the problem.”

Lastly, they use a solar-powered knitter in Portugal, and the UK’s first carbon-neutral logistics partner. Using Merino wool gives the hoodie self-cleansing properties and zero-odour retention, while also making it biodegradable. You can now purchase Sheep Inc.’s “zero emissions, zero harm and zero waste” hoodie on the brand’s web store. You can take a look at the images in the gallery above. Last, for more fashion news, Naomi Osaka Becomes Louis Vuitton’s Newest Brand Ambassador.