World Premier: DON DR3 Releases His High Octane New Visual, “What You Need”

The New York emcee's dominance is on full display in his latest Zach Stith directed visual.


Although it’s been a while, he’s back! The prodigal son has returned.. DON DR3 took some time to reconnect and align with his new vision. After releasing his latest project “Here Today Gone Today” there’s a clear range in progress. As always, the attention to detail is masterful as each segment of the high-energy visual come to life. The New York emcee once again taps Zach Stith for the dynamically charged cinematic experience. The video takes place in New York and gives a fast-paced view of the greatest city in the world during the far more fringed months. When asked about his thoughts on the visual.

“Working with Zach on ‘Covid Shxt’ was meant to showcase summer in New York City. I felt like it was only right that we show them what winter in New York City feels like. Drop top in the winter, that’s what winners do!”

DON DR3 Releases Eclectic New Visual For “Covid Shxt

DON DR3 looks to take his craft to a higher level and on that front he’s certainly achieved his vison in this visual. Each shot selection meticulously selected. Utilizing the Cinestill cinematic film filter. Thus giving each seen a warm yet sinister look. As bright red lights glow a luminant crimson, while color grading alone set the visual apart, it’s the personality that keeps you. DR3 carries himself as genuine artist. Transitioning confidently from scene to scene, with each lyric setting the tone. There’s an essence that persuades you to hang onto every word. From a stylistic approach. The visual is one of DR3’s best video to date.

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You can watch the World Premier of “What You Need” only at WAVYPACK.COM via the player above. Furthermore, go head and add DON DR3’s latest release “What You Need” on WAVE FM. While you’re at it, be sure to check out LOU Returns With Another Visual For His Latest Offering “DUCKED OFF