Sam Wilder Croons From His Soul in Latest Effort “Vanity”

Sam expresses emotions we've all felt before. Wilder sings to heal the listener, not just himself.

Photo Courtesy of Sam Wilder

The heart wants what it wants. The problem is, someone may not always reciprocate these emotions. These moments can shatter one’s perspective, especially if it’s someone who we truly desire and care for. Atlanta native and current Los Angeles resident; Wilder’s greatest gift is not his angelic, soulful voice. It’s not even his amazing songwriting capabilities. His greatest gift is being able to take you to the exact moment when you felt these same emotions. The record is touching and will cause you to come face to face with these memories.

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The song is a ballad by nature and features a lovely piano-laden lead with beautifully placed backing vocals. Textured with delightful touches of reverb which add so much to this record. Wilder understands what works for him. Although, we think he could sing anything and make it sound amazing. “Vanity” is a soulful expression of loneliness and honesty and is a much needed record in these times. It will probably make our essential year end playlist, it’s that good. We’re excited to see what Sam Wilder has up his sleeves this summer.

With his exceptional voice, ability to capture the listener and still showcase his deepest emotions. We believe Sam Wilder is a generational artist and we should give him his flowers now. You can listen to the full track in via Spotify in the player below and Apple Music via the icon above primary image. Lastly, for more indie music spotlights, Silk Wood Delivers With His Latest Offering “Come Correct”

Sam Wilder Croons From His Soul in His Latest Effort "Vanity"
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