Silk Wood Delivers With His Latest Offering “Come Correct”

The UK native shows off his glorious falsetto in this soulful number.

Silk Wood Delivers With His Latest Offering "Come Correct"
Photo Courtesy of Silk Wood

Silk Wood came as a complete surprise to us. At first listen, the song played in the background as we continued working. We enjoyed the record, but it wasn’t until the second listen where our sense of understanding took hold. Silk Wood has an old soul. His music reflects the warmth and soul of generations before us. Taking undeniable cues from rock and late influential soul artist’s such as Al Green, Marvin and Teddy. Silk Wood’s falsetto pierces through the consistently warm electric guitar lead. Without a doubt you understand one thing clearly, Wood understands his calling.

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His latest record “Come Correct” showcases his solid songwriting ability as well. As the song linear song. Seldom steering away from its initial message. Outside of being an overall great song. The song structure comes forth extremely focused. With a great groove making this song an easy addition to any Chill or Kickback playlist. We look forward to hearing what Silk Wood releases in the future. For now you can check out the song on Apple Music and Spotify. Apple Music via the icon above the image and Spotify via the player below. Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @silkwood_. Lastly, for more indie music spotlights, The Feather Graces us With His Latest Single “Stay Up”.

Silk Wood Delivers With His Latest Offering "Come Correct"
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