Bentley Fuse Finesse and Power with the 2021 Continental GT Speed

With an all new W12 engine boasting 650HP and a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds.

The Bentley Continental GT came on the scene in 2003, and since its inception it is one of the crown jewels in British engineering, luxury and performance. Today we get a look at the 2021 GT Speed, which is more of an incremental update but gets a few fresh additions and boosted stats.

Starting with pure 650 BHP and 900 foot-pounds of torque coming from its new W12 TSI engine. The third generation model received acclaim for achieving a 0-60 time in 3.9 seconds. Now the 2021 model does one better with hitting the mark in just 3.5 seconds. This number may not sound like much, but this car is massive, it also weighs almost 2 tons.

They keep all this power in check with a highly advanced chassis that features all-wheel steering, an electronic rear differential, and a host of new electronic stability controls. They all come together to provide superior comfort. You’ll also find carbon-ceramic brakes, which give the car incredible stopping power. The exterior received some line modifications to give the car a bigger more aggressive look.

Lastly, the new 2021 Bentley Continental GT Speed gets 22” Speed rims by default. With a welcomed “Dark Tint” finish. We can find this same finish on the radiator grille, radiator matrix, and lower bumper grille. This finish things off with sports sills and a smooth Speed badge in chrome near the front fender.

Bentley Fuse Finesse and Power with the 2021 Continental GT Speed
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