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haven’t you heard? The late, great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died for a special cause. According to privileged pop star Justin Bieber, he died so that Justin could get some pussy. Despite this album’s title, these songs have nothing to do with injustice. All you’ll find here is a compilation of half-baked apologies, mushy, minimal ballads, and head-scratching lyrics. Starting with the pre-album single “Holy,” featuring Chance the Rapper. Now, shout-out to Chance for coming back strong with his latest release “The Heart & The Tongue.” Please, if you were ever a fan of his, check out the visual here. Although Chance’s vocal delivery sounds right on par with his previous feats, his actual bars thoroughly underwhelm. Yet none of his words are as unsettling as Justin’s chorus. “The way you hold me, hold me, hold me / feels so holy, holy, holy”. What does that even mean, Bieber?

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Are you trying to say that you and Christ have a sexual relationship? C’mon, bro. Whether that was his intention or not, clearly zero thought went into the creation of this project. Especially on the lyrical front. The fact that Bieber is using a human-rights icon to attempt to bring one percent of artistic cohesion to a tasteless album sickens me. To all the producers who worked on this record: Get your money up. But if Bieber calls you up again for work, just say No. For every Black person in this country and around the world. Just say No. Dr. King said that one dies when they refuse to stand up for truth. One dies when they refuse to stand up for justice. I’m here to tell y’all today that I am standing against Justice. This album embodies what white privilege truly sounds like.

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So if standing against this album means I’m dead inside, consider me toast. Because I have simply had enough with clowns like Justin Bieber exploiting his brain-dead fan base for cash. People, get it through your heads. Bieber, in spite of releasing quality music in the past, never learned his lesson. And he never will. Due to his insane level of fame and heartwarming origin story, the general public continue giving him passes. His music doesn’t offend them, so it must mean that his music isn’t offensive. Right? Christian values lose their significance when they’re paired with hypocritical actions and efforts. I don’t care how many times Bieber’s been baptized. That can’t save him from the truth, which is that Bieber is capable of influencing millions of people worldwide. Rather than use his platform to write from the heart, he chose to defecate on MLK’s legacy for personal gain.

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Furthermore, as a white, blonde Canadian, he is literally the last person worthy of using Dr. King’s voice. Unless, of course, he used his voice to shine a light on genocide, child trafficking, or global injustice. Yet why would a spoiled brat like Bieber care about anybody other than himself? If you’ve an answer to that question, please let us know. This “man” uses people to sell his records, the same way he used his marriage to promote his Changes album. If Bieber can’t go out of his way to make good music when he dedicates it to the woman he loves, you know he won’t do MLK’s message any justice. He tries to reveal his pain on “Lonely,” yet the pure laziness of this album drowns out his tears. But Kam, there aren’t any songs worth mentioning here? Okay, fine.

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“Peaches,” with problem-child Daniel Caesar and rising star Gideon, is solid. I honestly love when Bieber doesn’t pretend he’s an angel and speaks on his regular life, which is flexing and feeling good. I’ve no issue with honesty. You like to take douchey pics, drive fast cars, and smoke weed. Be upfront and it’s all good. Another salvageable track is “Didn’t Deserve You.” There’s plenty of honesty going on in this song. ‘Cause at this point, Justin deserves nothing but criticism. Before I forget, “Anyone” I also don’t mind. It’s simple and sentimental. Nevertheless, music absorbs the vibration of an artist’s heart and the environment in which they record. You can’t hide an impure vibration. Justice is an utterly tasteless, apathetic, and derivative album. It deserves no praise or attention except to iterate its deficiencies. Hey, Biebz, I’ve got your next album title right here — free of charge: Just Retire.


Album Review: Justin Bieber - Justice
Vocal Performance
Crisp Vocal Tone
Some Decent Production
Tasteless Creative Direction
Lazy Lyrical Approach
Sonic Overlap
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