The Wave This Week 3/27/2021

The boys talk the Oscar nominees, Lana Del Rey, Kanye West and his billion dollar YEEZY Empire and the NBA.

The Academy Awards announced this years Oscar nominees for this past year in cinema. Of course we had to break it down. Unfortunately, it was somewhat of a down year for the film industry, but we’re looking on the bright side. Maybe this will give some less known actors and filmmakers the opportunity to shine.

We also have some music talk this week. JB dropped a new album, and Kam has some words for Bieber before he even heard the album. Kam showed some love to Lana Del Rey’s newest release. Greg can’t go a day without brining up Kanye, and this episode is no different. We congratulate Ye on his billions and also address the haters saying he fudged the numbers.

In other film news, the guys react to the reports coming out about Armie Hammer and his apparent fetish for eating people? More info coming soon.The NBA trade deadline is creeping closer and closer. We talk about some trades made over the past week, and talk about some major injuries around the league.

Hit play to catch these topics and the other random tangents that I always forget to highlight here. Thanks for listening!

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