Otra Noche En La Calle, a Night Drive Playlist

The ultimate night drive playlist tailored to flow with enough serenity and vigor to achieve a seamless equilibrium.

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Kam Jenkins Music Writer

[junkie-dropcap]F[/junkie-dropcap]or the last ten days, my friend and I have been on a mission. We set out to make the waviest playlist of 2020. One that blends familiar faces with unfamiliar sounds. One that connects one sound to the next without diverging from its night drive theme. We both make plenty of playlists per year as individuals. Yet there was something rather enticing about bringing both of our vibes together. As with anything creative, more than one perspective remains beneficial. What I admire most about my friend Enrico is his open-mindedness. Though technically still in his teenage years, his musical taste boasts a mature refinement. He knows more about various types of music than I ever did at his age. And coming from a music nerd like myself, I feel as though that’s saying something. Y’know? I’ll give you an example real quick.

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So last year around this time one of my other homies put me onto the music of Kate Bush. I listened to two of her albums and loved them. Her debut has more songs that I enjoy, but ultimately Hounds of Love is indeed her opus. Although she was world-famous for a while back in the 80s, she chose to follow a low-key path and cool it from the celebrity life. Needless to say, how many 18 year-olds do you know that are up listening to vintage pop and cloud rap at 2am? Yet this is what my guy Enrico does in his spare time. He’s a sponge for all types of sounds and artists across a plethora of genres. A cranky older guy like myself has the tendency to forget how to empathize with certain artists. I hate being closed-minded with anything art related.

But I must admit that I succumb to that type of thinking from time to time. Anyway, last year I texted Enrico to tell him about my Kate Bush discovery. I figured he’d be familiar to some degree. However, when I hit him up he proceeded to tell me something along the lines of: “Oh yeah, nice bro. I was just bumping her stuff all last week.” I was in my car laughing. ‘Cause I should’ve known. Situations like this are what made me anticipate what we would curate together. My mainstream preference and his underground preference didn’t always work out side by side. Nevertheless, we simply kept at it. Hour after hour. Night after night. We kept trying new sounds and more obscure artists and more bold transitions until we arrived here.

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“Otra Noche En La Calle” is a night drive experience playlist. So long as you’re not one of those Fast-and-Furious wannabes, driving at night holds a particular, mellowed-out vibe. At the same time, though, you don’t want to fall asleep at the wheel of course. Due to this, we tailored our compilation to ebb and flow with enough serenity and enough vigor to achieve a seamless equilibrium. Some of the track-to-track transitions he found truly blew my mind. To detail-oriented guys like us, how one songs connects to the next is a huge deal. Cohesion is king. And despite some head-scratching combinations on paper, in practice they come together beautifully. I’ve made a lot of playlists in my day. But bringing both our minds together was so much fun. This is by far my favorite playlist. And I’m proud to share it with you. Check us out below!


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You can follow Enrico on Instagram for more art and vibes: @theraptake 

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