Teenage Engineering Unveil the TP-7 Field Recorder

Compact, sleek and powerful audio recording in the palm of your hand.

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Teenage Engineering has unveiled another compact audio input device called the TP-7 field recorder, following the successful release of their tiny studio microphone. Designed to capture sound, music, interviews, and important ideas seamlessly and with exceptional quality, the device boasts a 7-hour rechargeable battery and 128 GB of internal storage.

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Staying true to Teenage Engineering’s signature style, the TP-7 field recorder showcases a sleek, handheld design that blends futuristic elements with classic aesthetics, while maintaining an intuitive interface. The device guarantees top-notch quality and uncompromising functionality in a slim and portable package. Its prominent feature is a motorized “Tape Reel” at the center, which facilitates menu navigation, scrubbing, pausing, and provides subtle visual feedback during playback. A convenient rocker wheel on the left side enables quick audio scrubbing, while the mode button is positioned below it. On the opposite side, you’ll find the memo and navigation buttons. The ergonomic layout ensures effortless single-handed control.

The Teenage Engineering TP-7 recorder will be available for purchase in the upcoming summer season. For more dedicated tech news, Aphex Twin Launches Custom Sample Mashing App ‘Samplebrain’.


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