The MEV Cabin by Studio Jean Verville Is an Eccentric Refuge in the Woods

A woodsy Montréal escape for the whimsical soul.

Located in Montréal, Canada, Studio Jean Verville crafts the MEV Cabin for “two admirable eccentrics, passionate about art and Italian design of the 80s”. This refuge in the forest reflects the tastes of its residents as a place where the pair can harbor their whimsical energies. The design aligns with the Studio’s disruptive approach, further inspired by the rebellious works of the Memphis Group.

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The architects describe the house’s style as the “antithesis to monotony and the monochromatic architecture and design of his time”. Additionally, the MEV Cavin borrows the colors and geometric shapes associated with the design movements of Memphis Group. As a whole, the project celebrates outside-the-box thinking through expressive and contrasting design relationships that reflect the owners’ personalities. Integration of the surrounding nature here is paramount in revealing the materials’ organic form and raw appearance.

Further, the exterior of the cabin features a set of curved lines that manifest into an extravagant and majestic interior. The interior appears to be gold-plated in color, following a more linear layout in contrast to the exterior. This design converges the linear and curved lines in a way that visually alters the kaleidoscopic reflection of light entering the windows. The MEV Cabin is truly the essence of a woodsy escape for the whimsical soul.

Read more about the MEV Cabin by Studio Jean Verville here. Lastly, for more in design, The Bighorn House by Whipple Russell Balances the Sophisticated Yet Simple.

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