Low Lights to Warm Hearts, Smooth Tings Sets the Bar at SNS

The best party in New York returns for a night of extraordinary vibes, freedom and soulful fellowship.


It isn’t farfetched to believe a party can be more than just a party. For many, it’s so much more. We can find ourselves undoubtedly occupied with the responsibilities of the highly regulated world we live in. The essence of being free has truly earned its rarity. Whether you’re aware of its necessity or you discover it unknowingly. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never forget that blissful high that comes with said freedom. For many, Smooth Tings provides just that, a sense of freedom. Jamesy, Broquete and Suaso have dedicated their event to the people, by creating a safe space to be free, love openly and enjoy sonics curated by some of the best DJ’s in New York.

When Smooth Tings occupies SNS, it’s officially showtime. You’ll find the air immensely dense; the lights get as bright as its most distinguished moments, yet it dispatches a low, cool temperature throughout the night. It’s safe, it’s home, it feels like the room dilates time. This peace lasts but for a moment until one hits play. That’s all it takes, the play button, that’s the switch, and it’s officially prime-time. Guests included the insightfully elegant Milkyshake, and brilliant Ella Hussle. These ladies captured the stage, and without warning, took us to air-thinning altitudes. Once you caught your breath, you found this to be your preference. We were all the same, within this timestamp and space, regardless of where you’re from, how you came to be, who you came with, or who you were, the soulful sonics provided by these ladies, moved souls, and placed everyone on the same ship. The destination, as high as the energy, could take us..

For Soul and Fellowship, Smooth Tings Owns The Night

My folks always told me “there’s nothing worth more than freedom”. As a child, my naivety made freedom feel so common. In those times, maybe it was.. At the expense of my parents. As an adult, I’ve realized that it wasn’t as conventional as I had once believed. You’ll find these moments sparingly in family, in your beliefs, the moments you align to take care of yourself, and through fellowship with those you love and within the music that soundtracks your life. Smooth Tings takes care of the latter two. So labeling Smooth Tings as just a “party” would be an unfortunate mis-categorization. I described it once as “A marriage of good energy, people and passionate curators. Who’ve turned what most would call a “party” into a transcendent sonic ballad of nostalgia and palpable emotions. A time machine which leads to the golden age of nightlife in the greatest city in the world” and I stand by that.

There’s a transparent formation that becomes apparent if you choose to look for it. Naturally, Suaso serves as the host. He moves about the space as a masterful man of the people. Narrating the evening and providing a voice for the plethora of emotions that flow throughout the night. You’ll likely hear “let me know if you need anything” or “how are you feeling, you okay?” and that’s for everyone. Once again, a safe space. Jamesy is as ardent as he is mechanical. When he takes the helm, there’s only one word that comes to mind explaining his progression throughout the night. INEXSTINGUISHABLE. For once he get’s going, he’s gone. Ever present but no longer with us, he’s in a zone. While his catalog and range is seemingly limitless, his tastes and knack for curating the perfect sounds for each Smooth Tings sets him apart. It is this care that each attendee of Smooth Tings unknowingly appreciates.

WAVYPACK Radio 006 – “Nurture By Nature”

It’s the people that make Smooth Tings so momentous, each expression speaks for itself as the music encapsulates the crowd. Courtesy of the stentorian sound system that pounds at the heart of everyone within the space. It’s loud, it rattles your very being and will likely swallow you within a barrage of sonic waves that pulsate through the ever-escalating heat. Cool puffs of air shoot aggressively through the drivers and serve as the only air-conditioning for the evening. The music is always perfect for the occasion. You’ll come to appreciate the level of care that goes into the sequencing and curation at Smooth Tings.

Ella Hussle, Milkyshake, Jamesy and Broquete. That’s the lineup. Each DJ showcased their individual talents on the night of March 19, 2022, and for the people, this translated to an experience that moved hearts. Inquire of someone who attended, just how it went. You’ll likely receive the response “you just had to be there” because mere words rarely do it justice. Smooth Tings winds down with the closer, Broquete. As the youngest member of the collective, he finds solace behind the deck, there’s an anticipation that takes over the venue. Simply put, everyone knows they’re in for some shit. His humility gives off quite the unassuming presence until he’s given his tools. He elevates the crowd and himself, for he understands what’s at stake. A closer must close, his selections are what each soul will leave with that night and Broquete never disappoints.

Each record transitioned effortlessly to the next. The lights were as bright as they’d ever be. Yet Broquete remained calm. It’s his super power. As he’d often tell me, “This is what I do” in the most humble of tones. It speaks to his character and what Smooth Tings actually is. It was never really about notoriety. In design, it catered to the people because, from the start, it was always about people. It’s a gathering of souls who in some form or another seek, if even for a moment, one night, a sense of freedom and fellowship. What took place at SNS Bar on March 19, 2022 will remain etched in the memories of all those who attended. Smooth Tings is the best party in New York because it’s far more than a party. It’s a small pocket of freedom, in a city searching for it.


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