For Soul and Fellowship, Smooth Tings Owns The Night

How a trio breathed new soul into the city of New York, in what are arguably some of the best events in NYC.

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Make sure your motion matches your motto. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this throughout my life. I can almost hear my father saying it now. Even as a teen, I understood this concept well. It all has to add up. How will we remember you? It becomes less about what you say and more so about what you give to the world. It’s been several years since I’ve been to an event as exuberant as Smooth Tings. This is a testament to the curators behind what most would consider the most beloved event within a city returning to prominence. Jamesy, Broquete and Suaso are, by definition, tastemakers who are ushering in a new chapter of elevated fellowship and soulful assembly within the New York nightlife scene.

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Their passions extend not only to the people they bring together at Smooth Tings, there’s also a reverence for the art of being a disc jockey. The three come alive as the room fills. The key lights dim just enough to reflect the glimmer in the person’s eyes next to you. The air gets a little thicker and without hesitation, one of the three sucks the gravity straight out of the venue with a song you haven’t heard in years, it last only but an instant as you remember your fondness for it. This happens a lot at Smooth Tings, which I’d describe as ideal homage to music both past and present. A celebration of people, cultures and tastes from all contrastive walks of life, finely curated into a gathering that takes us on the smoothest ride to the stars and back on nights such as these.




The visionary behind the movement. In what some would arguably consider one of the best events in New York. His reserved demeanor serves as a mask. Until he steps to the plate, or the deck, if I may. This reservation melts away to reveal what one could only describe as a wizard. His selections are as smooth as his transitions as he effortlessly captures the crowd. It’s as if he’s counting their every breath and chants as their souls sync to the BPM’s of a virtuoso at work.

I’m often taken away by how exceptionally versed Jamesy is at getting the most out of each moment. His selections come carefully curated by one who truly understands the sounds of the city. It doesn’t take much time to comprehend you’re watching someone who cares immensely about his craft and every single person in the room. A master artisan at work, if you will. The apparent leader and glue behind what makes Smooth Tings a one of a kind experience.




Mark my words, Elvin Broquete may be one of the greatest when it’s all said and done. As the youngest member of Smooth Tings, he showcases the most promise. His sets are a kin to an uncontained spark of electricity. As he proceeds to light up the room, Broquete quickly establishes himself as a prodigy. He’s been able to capture essential techniques from his peers early, all while adding his own unique identity to each of his sets. My fondness for him grew as we exchanged ideas, plans and dreams under a cold star-ladened New York sky. It was our place in these times.

I quickly realized that Broquete’s proven he deserves a seat at the table. He’s done this by showcasing: while talent seemingly plays the preeminent role to most, dedication and hard work outclass this benefit in every instance. With a mind burdened with curiosity and a spirit humble enough to embrace those lessons. Broquete, if he so chooses, could be one of the best DJs of our era.




When you see Suaso, you’ll likely hear him first. His voice pierces through stadiums and venues. As the Soul of Smooth Tings and a prominent voice within the New York social circle of tastemakers. I’d like to consider Suaso, a genuine man of the people. There’s this uncanny gravitational force that comes from his presence. I’ve witnessed his kindness extend to anyone within proximity. People just genuinely enjoy being around him. Learning from him and laughing from his organic sense of humor. From Madison Square Garden to some of the livest venues, such as the Sultan Room, Soho House and more. There’s nothing like a party with Suaso at the helm as the Master of Ceremonies.

If Suaso’s name is on the flier, expect high energy, great vibes and a personality that at the moment helps you forget about everything else. With a knack for moving the crowd. His temperament is as big as his voice. This commanding sonic drives the people to do whatever Suaso requests of them. It’s a surreal and powerful experience that only solidifies what we already know. Suaso is a leader in this generation.

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While there are events that do what they do and well might, I add. In my experience, nothing captures the essence of New York City quite like Smooth Tings. It’s the marriage of good energy, people and passionate curators. Who’ve turned what most would call a “party” into a transcendent sonic ballad of nostalgia and palpable emotions. A time machine which leads to the golden age of nightlife in the greatest city in the world, New York.

Editors’ Note: You three are gentlemen of the highest class. Thank you for allowing us to document just a small portion of your inspirational journey. It’s my hope, the entire world gets to experience your talents for what you do are truly special. I’m honored to have shared moments with you in a chapter I shall surely bookmark in my life to live safely forever in my memories. They’ll soon see what I see now. You three aren’t just incredibly human, you’re legends. May Angels Always Move In Your Favor, God speed.

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