Cloud IV’s Founder Ce’airra Used Kindness to Fly

The Queens native created a brand that has elegantly simplified the art of crafting fine jewelry.

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We don’t know how far something will take us until it does. As creatures of habit. We tend to consider every alternative as a different approach. Often because it goes against what we’re comfortable with. As creatives, this occasionally extends into our personal lives and, more often than not, skews our perspectives. What happens when you stop believing in your art? And are you surrounded by passionate individuals who’ll help nurture your creativity back to a thriving state. Ce’airra was that for me.

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“It costs nothing to be kind”, my father would often say. We’re all born with it, but it’s exercising that kindness that makes all the difference. Ce’airra is one of the most magnanimous souls I’ve ever met. I seldom fellowship with individuals so willing to inspire others when they were in need of inspiration themselves. The soul one must have.. it borders on spiritual. To give more than you have, you’d be blessed if you met just one of these people in your lifetime. So today I get to share why Cloud IV’s Founder, Ce’airra, is someone you should get to know.

Cloud IV is as tasteful and refined as its founder. Each piece comes meticulously crafted to a standard one would expect from a luxury jewelry boutique. With pieces ranging from your favorite zodiac sign to tasteful pendants and anklets. The attention to detail is second to none, as an individual who obsesses over typography. The level of craftsmanship sets her brand apart. My favorite pieces being the pendants that utilize san-serif, capitalized fonts of each zodiac sign. They’re bold, expressive and showcase her uncanny knack for the details. Whether it be a gift for yourself or someone you care for, Ce’airra’s thoughtfulness extends to the products she creates. I often refer to this as “The Art Of Caring”. Some people just care a bit more, and you can always feel that.

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I sat down to speak with Ce’airra and it was during these moments where I discovered how deep her support goes for anyone she truly believes in. At times, that’s all we need to help push us forward. Not everyone is looking to be fixed. Sometimes we just want someone who’s willing to hear us out. So whenever we speak, I’d often dial in, in fear of missing something vital, and always leave the conversation less ignorant than when I entered. So I needed to know.. what was her secret? Simply put.. “Love. It starts there, I know it sounds cliché but you have to love it”:

“My love for accessories helped me create Cloud IV. I’ve always loved shopping for unique pieces that matched my personality and my sense of style. With this brand, I wanted to create that experience for everyone. Whether you wear one-piece or layer multiple, Cloud IV is all about accessories that help you tell the story of who you are, without saying a word.” “Each piece of my collection is meant to help be a form of expression. All while being affordable at the same time. With that affordability comes exceptional quality and longevity. You can wear any and every piece on a beach trip or a night out feeling nothing less than the best version of yourself.” – Ce’airra, Founder of Cloud IV


A brand should not only provide a much needed service that alleviates a problem. They should look to inspire along the way. That comes at no extra charge with the founder of Cloud IV. The products have range; the prices are affordable and the inspiration is free. As it should be. As one of my new favorite creatives. Her brand is a direct representation of her. It was something she needed and selflessly shared it with the world. Which takes a significant amount of courage to pull off. We know where we are now; we know not where we will be. Our hope is that we surround ourselves with friends who inspire the way Ce’airra has. So regardless of where the destination leads. We’re in the right place.

Editors Note: I’m so proud of you. You’ve blessed me with such good energy. I’m glad people will get to see just how great a person you truly are. May you continue to move towards your ambitions with little to hinder your path. May angels always move in your favor.

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