Seinfeld Coming to Netflix This Fall

All 180 episodes will be available.

Netflix will bring the ever so popular comedy series Seinfeld to its streaming service, starting on October 1. To promote the release, Netflix released a trailer on Twitter, marking the series as “a spectacular, breathtaking, outrageous 180 episode premiere.”

Netflix has been updating its catalog of classic sitcoms, including 30 Rock and Saved By The Bell, alongside a number of reboots, including a live-action Cowboy Bepop series. Several other popular shows, like The Office and Friends, are no longer available to stream on the site.

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In addition to the show returning to Netflix, the official Seinfeld soundtrack has been made available on all digital streaming platforms for the first time ever. We first heard news of the hit series hitting the streaming platform in 2019. This October it’ll finally be available to stream at your hearts content. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. You can watch the trailer below. Lastly, for more entertainment news, HBO Max ‘Harry Potter’ Series Reportedly in Early Development.