GET SCHWIFTY or DIE, an R&M Playlist

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Wubba lubba dub-dub! Ever since Season 4 finished I’ve been craving more Rick and Morty. So much so that I began creating this playlist. And due to the fact that I know I’m not alone in my craving, I am proud to share this collection with you. GET SCHWIFTY or DIE features songs and artists affiliated with the show’s eight-year history. Each track explores themes of the show or key episodic moments, which also includes five offerings from the actual Rick and Morty Soundtrack. Although this compilation blends various styles of music, they all follow a loose narrative. In this “episode,” Rick disrespects the uproar of trading card culture at the breakfast table. Morty explains the lucrative opportunities trading cards offer, lending his grandpa his backup deck of Yugi-Oh cards. Rick reluctantly accepts and takes the deck to the garage to analyze. That’s when things get weird.

While inspecting the deck for its energy signature, Rick receives a visitor. A short man with a familiar head shape glitches through the garage door. He looks like those giant floating heads from the Get Schwifty episode! Attached to his arm is a dueling disk. He challenges Rick to a duel that he cannot refuse. Rick quickly crafts a makeshift dueling disk and accepts. Though his deck’s power pales in comparison to his enigmatic guest. [Thanks a lot for the shitty duel monsters, Morrrrty.] The stakes for this match are, of course, grave in nature. Winner lives on as Rick C-137. While the loser gets sent to the Shadow Realm to wander aimlessly for all eternity. Rick starts getting the hang of dueling yet ultimately fails to defeat his challenger. Their consciousness transfer, and the guest reveals himself to be… TINY RICK — back from the dead bay-bee!

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Tiny Rick goes on to wreak mischief in the body of Rick, but shows plenty of love to his grandson. Morty becomes confused about who does Rick-ing better, the original or the new and improved not-so-Tiny Rick. Jessica is around more than ever. Summer tries to get schwifty on her own to bring her grandpa back. Beth senses something afoot, but can’t quite put her finger on it. And even Jerry seems a little less dumb. Meanwhile, Rick encounters the auras of past friends and foes on his journey back to his body. Will OG Rick find the path that leads to reality? Or will Tiny Rick take over the story world and become the new C-137? Press play on our playlist and decide for yourself! Thanks for stopping by. Peace broh!