Leanne Pearson Releases Heartwarming New Single “Miles Away”

The Canadian singer expresses soulful yearnings and deep-seated emotions in her latest single.

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To miss someone is one thing, but having the option to cut that distance makes things manageable. Yet when you have to be apart from someone and the option isn’t your own. Well, that’s an unfamiliar situation altogether. In Leanne Pearson‘s latest offering. Pearson expresses deeply her desire to reunite with her then fiancé Jordan. The song at first listen captures you with Pearson’s stellar voice valiantly passing through the soft guitar laden instrumentation. Although this record released during a troublesome time for us all, Pearson connected through her music.

“During a time of challenge and pain, I wanted to pour my heart and soul into the music I was creating. Out of struggle came an intimate, beautiful song,” Leanne says. “I posted to my social media, a video of me playing Miles Away the day I wrote it and the response was overwhelming. People from all over the world connected with this song and shared their personal struggles of being away from a loved one.”

The record features production from Murray Pulver, as a tender piano takes hold, backed by elegantly placed acoustic chords and a steel guitar from Matt Kelly of City and Colour touring fame. The track showcases the best of what Pearson offers, as it was a tough point in her life. Music helped her cope and transition flawlessly into an expressive songstress in full form. This song is not only heartwarming but it’s personal and relatable. We hope you enjoy “Miles Away” as much as we did.

You can listen to Leanne Pearson’s latest record via Spotify in the player below. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, click the icon on the upper left of the primary image. Lastly, for more indie spotlights, Sam Wilder Croons From His Soul in Latest Effort “Vanity”


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