Sum Total Honors Hip Hop With His Latest Offering “HOMAGE.”

A catalog of finely crafted beats that bring back the essence of hip hop production.


There’s something special in the air. It’s often felt rather than heard. The return to the essence of.. A wise woman once told me that there is nothing new under the sun. Everything comes back full circle at some point. This stands true with music, within the last year we’ve seen an incursion of music leaning more towards the era and inception of hip hop. Sum Total, a New Jersey born producer now thriving within the concrete castles of NYC creates music one could only describe as touching. Grabbing the listener with warm, sparkling fusions of jazz-laden instrumentation and hip hop driven sensibilities.

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His music truly reminds me of Dilla’s ability to retroactively take you somewhere. As I listened to HOMAGE. Sum Total’s ability to focus on the minutia took me away, giving everything the perfect amount of separation. It’s an ever-changing, morphing ballet of production that often leans towards alluring. The record “DEN” instinctively brought out deep-seated emotions. As it is reminiscent of the summers of childhood. Warm nostalgic evenings of music, late night pizza excursions, and love. While records such as “TALE” capture the benumbed and cold, unforgiving climates of NYC weather. There’s no space for the weak, it’s the season of results, not excuses all encapsulated into well-crafted production.

Sum Total sets the tone for the future landscape of music. It’s music for your soul and should be a go to for artists looking to shape a refined and reminicent musical impression. His use of samples is masterful and gives him a sonic signature that is all his own. By the time “THE LAST SHOT” cross-faded away. I was convinced. While he may not be a household name. The truth behind the glass. As clear as day, the sum and essence of true hip hop lives here. You can listen to HOMAGE. in the player below. Lastly, for more music spotlights, AYTheProducer Flips PARTYNEXTDOOR & Rihanna’s “Believe It“.

Release Date
March 8, 2021
24 Tracks - 33:24
Apple Music

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