For Peets Sake Shares Words From a Wise Man in “1989 Toyota”

The New York emcee shares experiences and reminisces on his late father and his 1989 Totoya Camry.

Shot By Elvis Perez

What will you leave behind? A question often asked by many. We’re products of our environment and the way we’re brought up. Our parents are at the epicenter of what makes us.. us. For some its parents for others, its individuals who assume the role. They help navigate us through life’s arduous circumstances and set the foundation for the people we become.

They pray for you; dream with you and are always there to uplift you when you’re downhearted. We often forget the small things that people do for us. We rarely appreciate those who are there for us at the moment until it’s passed. Not because we don’t love them, but because we imagine them always being there. Nothing on this earth lasts forever…you only get one chance to only get one chance to run this race. Live it right, run it right, and once is more than enough.

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Good people will always be good people and For Peets Sake, his latest effort “1989 Toyota” takes the memories of his late father into full frame. Recollecting the lessons, love and the wisdom left behind. To now share a story from a perspective only a man tried by fire can tell. Growth is a pivotal part of progress, yet so is loss. We learn far more from when we lose than we ever could from the things we gain. While unwelcomed, the lessons are vital and seeing For Peets Sake grow into his own has been a toiling yet rewarding experience.

“Put so much money in the whip/ New parts, new that, new this. Didn’t care about nothin, no tints/ Cause you was proud to show everybody else who was riding in. License plate read FPS, that’s no coincidence/ that those are my initials/ ride around “I’m always with you.””

A wise man now wiser, a kind man made kinder with a lyrical showcase in his latest effort cementing his growth. Although short in runtime, For Peets Sake says all that’s necessary for now. Production comes courtesy of Sum Total which features a clean, warm production style. Laden with a piano based lead and simple synth. The production harkens to the days of Dilla, additional elements feature full punchy drums and sonic textures kin to a ticking clock. Giving you the notion that time is a matter to take with the upmost reverence as you never know how much time you may have.

While on your journey, a great deal may impair your view, you may come across roadblocks. While these come with the passage. What Peet’s father sanctioned him with are the keys to a future far better than his own. You’d expect nothing less from a hero. May your journey be full of lessons, may you fall asleep forevermore, far less ignorant than you awoke. Till you reach the souls of the people you were sent from. For the Sake of.. You can listen to “1989 Toyota” in the player below. Lastly, for more indie music spotlights, LOU Tells a West Coast Story in Superb New EP “Gettin’ Away”.

For Peets Sake 1989 Toyota
Release Date
February 9, 2021
For Peets Sake


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