Javier Calleja Drops Off ‘NO WINGS TO FLY’ Sculptural Edition

A collaboration with AllRightsReserved.

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Javier Calleja had a jam-packed 2022. Starting with a host of solo shows at Almine Rech, a hybrid bottle sculpture with NANZUKA. As well as a capsule collection at Hypebeans in Hong Kong and Seoul.

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The Spanish artist welcomes the new year with a new sculpture titled NO WINGS TO FLY. Calleja illustrates one of his characteristic wide-eyed creatures as he eagerly prepares to soar in collaboration with AllRightsReserved. “To fly was always a dream of mine as a child and this is why NO WINGS TO FLY is mimicking birds wings or feathers with his outstretched fingers,” the artist explained in an interview with the Hong Kong-based creative company.

In other news, here’s a First Look: Issue 1 of ‘SevenSevenSeven’ Magazine by John Ross.


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