Jamesy Drops a Remix For the Summer “i hate u. part ii”

Released earlier this year, this remix fits perfectly for the warmer months ahead.

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Listened to this several times earlier this year. I felt it was a perfect mix for the summer. The drums allow the record to breathe, the kick and snare hits give off such a bright signature, paired with the warmth stemming from the ethereal static effect placed thought the mix. What we get is a summer mix that released a bit early, but it definitely helped during the cold days of January.

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It’s such a vibe, with subtle elements and great percussion to make it such an easy and inviting listen. As the temperature rises and the summer approaches, we look forward to seeing you outside and at upcoming Smooth Tings events. For now enjoy Jamesy’s rendition of SZA’s “i hate u” dubbed “i hate u. part ii”. Available in a clean, explicit, extended clean and extended explicit. You can stream the full mix in the player below. Lastly, for more music and indie spotlights, check out our Smooth Tings recap at SNS Bar on March 19 2022.

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