The Wave This Week: JPEG And The NBA 75th Anniversary Team

The boys are back for season 3! Greg and Kam discuss JPEGMAFIA and his progress and the return of NBA talk..

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Greg Tyler Podcast Host

The boys are back baby! After taking a few months off to fully enjoy hot girl summer The Wave This Week is officially on and poppin again. Kam and Greg dive in with some music updates. Kam breaks down the new JPEGMafia album. He gives us his thoughts on how JPEG has progressed as an artist over his last 3 projects.

This year, the NBA is celebrating it’s 75th season. The league released a top 75 player list as a treat to the fans. This list, just like every other list, was missing some big names. The guys go in on who should and shouldn’t have made the list.

As always, there are some tangents. Enjoy whatever random thoughts and topics send us spiraling into ridiculous side conversations. Also, thanks for supporting the WavyPack team!

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