For Peets Sake – Keep Doing What You Doing, Don’t Worry, Album Review

The New York emcee calls on producer Sum Total and bares much in a touching tribute LP to his late father.


When I think of the last project that took me into the world of another and brought me to tears. I think of Mustafa the Poet’s When Smoke Rises. Those types of LP’s are few and far in between. For Peets Sake “Keep Doing What You Doing, Don’t Worry” is a letter of homage to his late father. The project brings you into the warm universe his father created for him and his family.

Consider this quite a feat as the project moves quickly throughout this blissful timeline of memories. Yet reality is apparent for Peets as he shares his coping mechanisms and the stark truth that his closest friend and role model is no longer with him in this life. It’s clearly a journey through the legacy and times of a man who left a lasting impression on all those he came in contact with. A celebration of life if you will.

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Our most joyful moments come after the night, as Peets finds peace within God, his family and his art. The project features production exclusively from Sum Total. His production provide incredible depth to the album. Giving the LP a truly genuine hip hop soundscape while prodviding a glorious blank canvas for Peets to truly paint the ideal portrait of how he sees his father and best friend.

“The last thing you said to me was Keep Doing What You Doing, Don’t Worry” and coincidentally I was working on some music when you said that. So I know that doing this was the right thing to do”

As the project takes shape you quickly realize the meticulous nature of Peets verses and cadence selection. Every lyric holds weight, it’s lean, pure, theres no excess. Each word earned its place on the album. Which makes the project flow seamlessly but also brings it into a space where any listener can relate. We grow and we change, all we can hope is this growth is for the better, For Peets sake, his growth as a man is profound. There isn’t a moment where we aren’t proud of what he’s accomplished.

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“For anyone who’s ever lost someone, this album is for you too. Cherish those around you while you still can because these things are inevitable. Life will happen, but no matter what happens. Always remember to “Keep Doing What You Doing, Don’t Worry”.

This is album for all of us. As we’ve all experienced loss is some form. We can’t run from it. We must embrace it as it is part of all our story. We come and we go, and although we know not when our time may come. This is what makes living worth living. Life is beatiful because it ends, and what you leave behind echos throughout life until He comes for us again. How will we remember you? Be sure to listen to For Peets Sake’s latest offering  “Keep Doing What You Doing, Don’t Worry” available now on all major streaming platforms. Lastly, for more album reviews, check out our Tyler – CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, Album Review.

Editors Note: Peets, my brother. May you continue to be blessed. As your father was. You’re a father now, and I know you’ll do everything in your new lifetime to help your child capture the ideals your father left for you. The album is incredible, your father was right. As I’m sure he often was. “Keep Doing What You Doing, Don’t Worry”.
For Peets Sake – Keep Doing What You Doing, Don’t Worry, Album Review
Excellent Spacing
Fantastic Production
Focused Lyricism
Short Runtime
Sonic Overlap