Tyler – CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, Album Review


Question. Who tried to say Tyler, The Creator can’t rap? Because he’s rapping on Call Me If You Get Lost like someone kidnapped his wig. His deliveries are both feverish and chill. Despite his recent Grammy win, Tyler remains diligent in the studio. I’ll be honest, though. When I first heard “LUMBERJACK” I hoped it wasn’t on the album. Not due to not enjoying the song. But more so due to its brief and braggadocious nature. It’s a hard track nonetheless. I can’t deny how nice it is hearing Tyler back on his rappity raps. “CORSO,” “JUGGERNAUT” and more see Tyler, The Creator urinating off the mountaintop of hip-hop. His eclectic production styles over the years culminate across Call Me If You Get Lost in delightful fashion.

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Whether you’re a Wolf or Flower Boy fan, there’s something here for you. Also, if you are yet to listen to Tyler’s music, there’s no time like the present to bless up. His maturation as an artist cements his place among the world’s most compelling craftsmen. The fluidity of its tracklist lifts Call Me If You Get Lost into 2021’s proverbial rafters. These pandemic years have been tough for popular music. And although I cannot say this stands as his magnum opus, CMIYGL delivers a vibrant, unapologetic victory lap for the summer. Following an emotionally dense concept record like 2019’s IGOR I didn’t expect a repeat performance from Tyler. However, I anticipated a continuation of the tightly focused songwriting he had showcased.


Going back to “LUMBERJACK” real quick. Call me biased, but I’m not the biggest fan of victory-lap albums. The Weeknd’s Starboy is another example. While Tyler has every right to be proud of himself, brag raps lose steam quicker than people like to admit. Unless, of course, they’re paired with earworm hooks. This album contains plenty of sweet melodies and lush arrangements. “SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE” highlights this notion best. Yet I can’t help but to wonder what a thematically meticulous Tyler album would sound like. When I pondered his artistry I concluded this album functions like a step back into his bag rather than a leap forward. His life resumes its luxurious overtones. And he’s still creating love triangles. Nevertheless, when Tyler steps back he hits a halfcourt shot. How about you?


Album Review: Tyler, The Creator - CMIYGL
Potent Bars
Fluid Sequence
Dazzling Instrumentals
Recycled Lyrical Themes
Lack of Centerpiece
Streaky Vocal Mix