Kanye Partners with Kano for DONDA Stem Player

The handheld device will allow users to customize songs from the album.

Over the past month, it seems not a day goes by without a new Kanye West headline.  As the music world eagerly awaits the release of his 10th studio album DONDA, Kanye revealed a partnership with tech company Kano.  

The DONDA Stem Player is a handheld device that allows the user to “customize any song” from the album.  According to Kanye’s website, listeners are able to “control vocals, drums, bass, and samples.”  Users can also “isolate parts, add effects, [and] split any song into stems.”  The device features 4-channel lossless audio mixing, real time loop and speed control, tactile effects, one hits, and live samples.  Users will also be able to save, playback, and share the mixes they create.  

The stem player is available to purchase now for $200 and will ship out with DONDA.  However, DONDA still doesn’t have an official release date.  Kanye is set to hold his third livestream for the project on Thursday, August 26th in his hometown of Chicago.  Many fans were left disappointed when the project failed to drop after the first two listening sessions in Atlanta.  Only time will tell if/when Kanye is ready to release the completed album. 

You can peep the full specs of the Yeezy Tech x Kano DONDA Stem Player on Kanye’s website.  Let us know your thoughts on the chaos surrounding the DONDA rollout in the comments section below!  Lastly, for more music news from wavypack, check out Kendrick Lamar’s “nu thoughts.”