Leifer Releases His Latest Visual For “You (Everything I Do)”

Project Feel captures the New York artist crooning and sharing his reason for living in his latest visual.

Photo courtesy of @lifermusic

This is what we’re talking about! More art and fun and less ego and stress. This is one of the better visuals we’ve seen this year. It’s fun, lighthearted, and humorous. Yet the underlying message is as deep as a thousand waters. Leifer gives us a taste of his fantastic voice and glorious falsetto in his latest single now turned visual. Captured by Hector Sanchez Jr. and edited by Project Feel‘s Anthony Alvarez, the visual features excellent lighting, simplistic color grading, and heart-warming effects that border on childlike and feel uniquely deconstructed.

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That’s where the charm of this video lies, in its simplistic yet undeniably touching approach. We love Leifer’s range, as he transitions effortlessly from his roaring alto-tuned voice to weightless falsetto. We ran the song back three times, it’s truly enjoyable. What we love the most is how much fun Leifer’s having. This carefree nature extends to all those who glimpse this visual. It’s contagious. From the sensational looks of his supposed love interest (lol) to the purposeful, half-baked edits and cuts that carry a particular warmth. The good people at Project Feel did their thing. You can watch the full music video for “You (Everything I Do)” in the player above.

Furthermore, make sure you check out Leifer’s latest album LOVE & GENRE here. Lastly, for more music videos, DON DR3 Releases Eclectic New Visual For ‘Covid Shxt’.

Editors Note: We love what you guys are doing here. Leifer, we’re excited to see what you have coming next. To Project Feel, especially Anthony Alvarez. You are doing the best work of your life, my friend. We could burst with pride for you and the art you’re creating. We love you here, and in the unlikely event no one’s told you how great you are. You all deserve your flowers now.
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