Supreme Carl Releases Soulful “After September” Visual

The 6Side Bronx emcee returns with one of his deepest records to date.

Supreme Carl is on a mission, one that is within his line of sight and his alone. Taking a step back from powerfully infused records such as the widely successful “6 Side”. His latest offering “After September” is one of his best records to date. From its inception, the track carries a burden. There’s a lot to say and little time to do so, yet Preme takes no prisoners. The vulnerability displayed on this record hit core, in an often braggadocio saturated eastern coast. “After September” causes you to consciously and subconsciously tune in.

The stellar production come compliments of Ayowiththemayo, which features a soulful sample and a plethora of sonically tune elements to give this record its independence. Both seamlessly complimenting each other in cadence, arrangement, and vibe. You pair this with the booming 808’s and Supreme Carl’s knack for finding the perfect pocket to deliver his message and you’re watching QB level artistry. Passing and transitioning effortlessly through thought-provoking topics.

The visual directed by Joe Chong features exceptional color grading and flared transitions as Supreme Carl walks through the streets of Bronx, NY. Each shot well thought out and executed precisely. This is one of my favorite tracks for two reasons. It inspired me, as the production took me away, and I learned something about Supreme Carl. As a musician and artists, those are your only two tasks. You can watch the full video in the player above. Lastly, for more music videos, YEИDRY Releases Visual for Latest Single “El Diablo”.

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