Sonos Introduces the Roam Ultra-Portable Smart Speaker

The new Sonos smart speaker serves as the companies first truly portable speaker.

Sonos has just unveiled the Roam while will serve as the companies flagship portable speaker. Bringing the full Sonos experience with you on your next trip.

Designed with portability as a primary focus, the Roam comes in at just 0.43kg but offers the full experience of the name it carries and is compatible with the full Sonos ecosystem. When in the home the speaker can connect to WiFi and give you access to a host of music streaming services as well as, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2. When you leave your home the speaker defaults to connecting to Bluetooth and your mobile device to continue right where it left off. With full access to these same services.

With all that said, there’s still the question. How does it sound. Well the Roam features a robust sound. This paired with that fact that its weather resistent, make it the perfect speaker for those already in the Sonos ecosystem. Under the hood we have two Class-H amplifiers, a custom racetrack mid-woofer, a tweeter, and a high-efficiency motor, while its IP67 rating and large battery capacity allow it to weather both wet and dusty conditions with up to 10 hours of playback.

Available in Lunar White or Shadow Black, the Sonos Roam is now open for pre-orders, going for $170 USD over on the company’s website.

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