Bliss Fields, a Playlist for the Soul

A playlist bursting with bright energy, perfect for those grey days.

[junkie-dropcap]I[/junkie-dropcap]n contrast to the last playlist, on which I collaborated with my fellow WAVYPACK colleague, Kam Jenkins, “Bliss Fields” is bursting with a bright bubbly energy. Following “Otra Noche En La Calle,” I set out to make the opposing mood, the Yang to “Otra Noche’s” Yin, if you will. Despite constant work, it took two months to perfect the sequencing and layout of this playlist. Kam still managed to come in clutch with some crazy transitions within this track list, notably from “Noid” to “Slay3r”. The energy I set out to capture on this playlist is one that fills you with delight, and gives a welcome sense of bliss even on the greyest of days. In such turbulent times, a break from the world is a must.

Otra Noche En La Calle, a Night Drive Playlist

A particular goal I had in mind when creating this was molding the playlist to follow a natural sonic progression. Building upon itself in a chronological form, paralleling the hours in a day; morning to afternoon. “Bliss Fields” is, at times, brash and eccentric, yet nostalgic and soulful at others. However, there’s a consistent sensation of fun and admiration of life. A vast mix of genres from hyperpop, to abstract hip hop, and even funk, come together seamlessly within this track list. Song-to-song transitions are, again, the key to the experience of “Bliss Fields.” Some of the transitions here are truly my favorites I’ve ever discovered.

The Wave This Week 1/06/21

Whatever your preferences may be, “Bliss Fields” aims to fulfill all who listen. The central motivation at this playlist’s core is simply to make the listener feel good. Despite this fundamental goal, I believe this playlist still feels complex and varied. In the end if you find yourself smiling when listening, then this playlist has served its purpose. I hope for nothing more. Take a listen, links below!


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