Kelly Lee Owens – Inner Song, Album Review

Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song, Album Review
Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song, Album Review
Release Date
August 28, 2020
Techno Pop
Smalltown Supersound

Kelly Lee Owens is a true virtuoso of her craft and for her latest offering, Owens has created a beautifully textured album that she’s titled ‘Inner Song’.  This LP is the followup of her self-titled debut album. Although delayed by COVID-19, the singer, producer, songwriter and former nurse created a true masterpiece. Inspired by what she describes as “the hardest three years of my life”, Owens speaks of loss and sorrow and channels it into raw emotions via intricate musical compositions.

Owens starts this project with the song titled ‘Arpeggi’, a Radiohead cover instrumental that features production that accumulates overtime. Centered on “being brought back to the surface from a dark place” the commencing track plays as a rebirth for Owens. She follows with ‘On’, an enchanting yet mournful dancefloor shimmering track that offers a window into the pain of a relationship ending.

As the track progresses and the intensity becomes apparent. Owens’ once somber enchantment melts away, masked by pulsing techno production; sonically, as if Owens comes to terms with her loss, wipes away the tears and strives to move forward. It’s message that resonates with those who’ve experienced the pain of loss and a delicate instructional of how you may cope with this pain.

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This stands true on the LP’s masterful centerpiece, ‘Jeanette’. A record Kelly Lee Owens says is a tribute to her “absolute legend” grandmother. The track is anthemic in its approach, a fitting celebration of life for a lost loved one. The common theme of ‘Inner Song’ is acceptance and reflecting on loss and coming to terms with these engulfing emotions. Owens’ sweetest dispositions are felt in records such as ‘Night’ as she calmy croons in a reverb laden tone “it feels so good to be alone”.

What one would call a warm embrace sonically, transitions to a pulsating, majestic dancefloor techno production. The track ‘Re-Wild’ effortlessly blends wavy synths, and progressive production giving a dreamlike confidence. A self-empowering, confidence boosting record as Owens instructs, “free yourself with the truth, that’s already in you,”.

Owens also address climate change in her latest album. The track ’Melt!’ she ingeniously incorporates samples of melting glaciers and people literally skating on ice, a call to action as her vocals eerily disappears into the distance. ‘Corner Of My Sky’,  is a collaborative record with Owens’ hero and Velvet Underground member John Cale. The track gives insight into where the two grew using music, spoken-work and poety. It features a rich atmospheric palette and paints a vivid picture of life’s delicate intricacies and why we should take moments to stop and appreciate them.

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The sadness felt in ‘Wake-Up’ encourages devoting the time, taking time to reflect, always remembering the importance of the moment. Stop.

“losing our minds for the short-term gain, short-term everything; never pausing to take it in, always avoiding your sense of dread,”

Owens spaces this record and controls the and pace so well. It shows her mastery and the beauty of her craft. ‘Inner Song’ is perfect in its arrangement. With each record playing a vital roll, serving an endearing purpose. It’s an emotional yet euphoric selection of tracks that encourages late night listens. What stands true is this, ‘Inner Song’ may be one of the most beautiful records I’ve ever heard, and Owens deserves her flowers now.

Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song, Album Review
Kelly Lee Owens – Inner Song, Album Review
This 10 track, 50 minute album could be in the running for the best album of 2020. What Kelly Lee Owens has in her possession is an emotional, introspective body of work that deals with loss with magnificent delivery. A genuine work of art worthy of all its praises.
Exceptionally Cohesive
Brilliantly Produced
Sonically Versatile
Slight Runtime Fall Off