WAVYPACK Radio 028 – The SHIFT

One of our best episodes to date, part one of a two part series.

WAVYPACK® Community

Sometimes it’s okay to be humble but never let it turn you into a mute. In the middle we stay calm. For the twenty-eighth installment of WAVYPACK Radio. We chose to make something we ourselves would have on repeat. What came of this effort was one of the best episodes we’ve ever made. WAVYPACK Radio 028  – The SHIFT is as the name states, a literal shift. In the style of music we’ve selected, the way we curate our music and the sounds we use in between. Sonically perfect, at least to us and that’s all that matters. We hope you enjoy the first of two.

WAVYPACK Radio 023 – The Second Letter

WAVYPACK Radio is a radio show by WAVYPACK Inc. and Smooth Tings. Hosted by Suaso with Smooth Tings on the curation and WAVYPACK on the production. Live from the greatest city in the world. New York, New York. You can stream the full episode in the player below. Don’t forget to checkout the track list to find your favorite cuts. Lastly, for more WPR, check out, WAVYPACK Radio 025 – The Coast.

WAVYPACK x Smooth Tings
WAVYPACK Radio 028 - The SHIFT
WAVYPACK x Smooth TingsWAVYPACK Radio 028 - The SHIFT



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