Three Reasons Why We Love Wu-Tang: An American Saga

We discuss three things we love about the insightful Hulu Series as season two wraps up.

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JaJuan Malachi

Actively in “media res” with its second-season, there’s a lot that can be admired and appreciated about Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga and the exorbitantly high precedent it has set when it comes to the subgenre of Hip-Hop biographical shows. Focused on the origins and meteoric rise of, what many would consider to be the most illustrious and decorated Hip-Hop supergroup of all-time: the Wu-Tang Clan, this series chronicles their real-life trajectory and manages to execute with apt reverence and spirited nostalgia. Spearheaded by prominent filmmaker Alex Tse and iconic Hip-Hop producer RZA, An American Saga provides a fresh and meticulous scope on the legendary group and documents the landscape of 90s Hip-Hop in an organic and refreshing way. Given its superb ratings and just the sheer alchemy of the show, it’s only right to recognize three main reasons why we love Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Here we go.

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Its Ensemble

The plot, aesthetic and pace of development are among some of the most outstanding bits of the show. Moreover, it would be pure blasphemy to forget about the cast of this series or to try and downplay the impact they make. To keep it 100%, they’re the pulse of this show and more than likely, a main reason why first-time viewers have felt inclined to stay tapped in. Rife with a fleet of young, black, blossoming break-out actors, which include Ashton Sanders, Shameik Moore, Siddiq Saunderson, David “Dave East” Brewster, Zolee Griggs, TJ Atoms, Johnell Xavier Young, Julian Elijah Martinez, Joey Bada$$ and more, this show is ushering in the next class of Black acting royalty. As a collective, the chemistry that they share is unmatched and they do major justice when it comes to capturing the authenticity of each Wu-Tang clan member.

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The Plot/Story Development

Without giving too much away, the plot points of this series are compelling and often tantalizing. It’s ever so delightful to see how the makers of the plot were able to interweave every member’s actual life story within the tight parameters of a series. It’s a cinematic work of art. Instead of going straight down the rabbit hole of mere story reenactment, the storyline is eclectic, nuanced and takes one through many twists and turns. On top of this, the show does a stellar job at illuminating specific, never-before-disclosed info behind the group’s come up that many probably weren’t exposed to beforehand. As one watches, there’s so much unveiled in such a short amount of time. After learning about some of the group’s experiences, the sheer curiosity reels you into the series.

Its Depiction of the Early 90s

Perhaps now more than ever is the best time to indulge in a healthy bit of nostalgia. Primarily set in early 90s disenfranchised Staten Island, New York, this series beautifully captures the essence of this time period with relative ease. From the fashion brands to the geographical regions to the music to the cultural trends to just the general vibe of this beloved pocket in history, it properly emulates everything from top to bottom. During the viewing experience, it does a superb job at transporting the viewer into the grit and grain of a sublime moment in Hip-Hop history.

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