GOLDEN RAYS + beneath the blue summer sun

The dichotomy of summertime feels.

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Kam Jenkins Music Writer

Twin flames burn brighter. “GOLDEN RAYS” and “beneath the blue summer sun” capture the dual nature of our Sun. On one hand, its immense warmth restores life itself every single day. My playlist highlights this side of the solar coin. I crafted “GOLDEN RAYS” as an ode to the entity that unites us all. Themes of dawn, soaking up sunrays, and infinite light appear here. You will cycle through various genres on your way down the tracklist. Soul meets indie rock. Japanese folk meets dark trap. Hip-hop meets instrumental dream pop. This unusual mix makes for an engaging experience from start to finish. It’s perfect for kicking back by the beach/pool and letting the music take you to a state of fulfillment. “GOLDEN RAYS” represents the joy summer brings.

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Conversely, “beneath the blue summer sun” reveals summer’s lesser known side. At times, summer brings about reflection. Thinking back on how far you’ve come. Or close calls you avoided. Or things you wish you could take back. Despite the Sun’s eternal heat, there are days when it doesn’t feel so warm. Here Enrico sets a more pensive tone for the summer months. He compiles artists from the cloud rap field to emo, folk rock to anthemic J-pop to create an air of hopeful realism. That feeling of: Even though things will be okay in the end, right now, everything kinda sucks. And that’s okay. “beneath the blue summer sun” embraces the idea of an uncertain future, allowing the feels to take the wheel. Whichever mood you find yourself in this summer, WavyPack has your back.

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