Photo Captured By Alex Johnson (@girl.named.alex)

World Premiere: DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant Honors Hip Hop in Pure Form With “For The Culture”

The Brooklyn bred DJ sets the standard for generations past and present with the release of his debut album.


There’s no place like the present. It’s where everything matters. Our acts today echo throughout the time and shape the future. What will you leave behind? How will you be remembered for all the things you do right now? DJ Ace is likely the best of us, an anomaly in our age as his wisdom cuts through the noise and sets a visible ideal to strive towards. Our respect for the DJ/NYPD Lieutenant Acu Rhodes stems further than surfacemas as DJ Ace balances the levy of expectations for himself and those watching.

Ace’s latest offering has been a longstanding work in progress. They say it’s these types of projects that we’ve spent most of our lives making. This holds true with “For The Culture” as the project is a representation of Hip Hop in its purest, unrefined infancy. When streetlights dimly lit city streets yet the passions and personas of gifted New Yorkers lit the landscape even brighter. Thick heat, good intentions and young hip hop textured and colored the city and were forever etched into our memories.

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Naturally, there’s nothing like listening to a pure DJ do his or her thing. Yet when DJ Ace touches vinyl, something transcendent happens. You’re instantaneously catapulted into the renaissance era of the city that gave life to the genre. His uncanny ability to breakdown and restructure records with surgical-grade precision is second to none. While a good deal may try.. the phrase “often imitated never duplicated” holds fast.. DJ Ace is an original and deserves every ounce of recognition given. His attention to detail is kin to a beautifully crafted Leica camera utilizing hip hops foundation as a cornerstone. If you need evidence of this look no further than DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant’s appearance on Funk Flex. The man is just different.


DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant at the Nostrand Ave Subway Stop in Brooklyn NY. Captured by Alex Johnson (@girl.named.alex)

As a beloved father, officer and DJ. Ace is a figure of stability for many in the community. It’s always about how you treat people who can do nothing for you that tell your soul. I believe DJ Ace understands what he’ll leave behind. This project honors the past but there’s no better time than the present to help shape the future. Moved by passion and passion alone. This project serves as an introduction to the world of a man who’s spent a majority of his life in service for others, finally shifting his focus on today and his story. Sonically the project bares an abundance of vintage elements to make you feel like you’re right back in the New York summer of 1985.

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“What I do is serious business to keep the real fiber of hip hop going. I will continue to dedicate myself and my music to keep hip hop culture alive and at the forefront of where hip hop was born.. NYC!”

In meeting DJ Ace, we quickly realized that he naturally inspires those around him, as kind as he is rugged, the Brooklyn native is nothing to play with. As the conversation progressed, we discovered immense value in many of his viewpoints. DJ Ace’s influence reaches far outside of the realm of music. Considered widely as an accessible father figure to those in need of guidance, while still understanding as a human, he himself is still learning. Yet, he doesn’t hold back on the gems that have helped him progress. The sole purpose of knowledge is to pass it a long. This is what makes this project so impactful. It’s a nod to the past yet remains present. DJ Ace is here, in full force, encapsulated in the present. For it’s the only tense that matters.

We’re honored to premier DJ Ace’s project to the world, exclusively on WAVYPACK and consider it an essential listen. You can stream DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant’s debut project “For The Culture” in the player below. Be sure to connect with DJ Ace via his Instagram for more amazing and exclusive release. Leave a comment and share your thoughts if you’re brave enough. Lastly for more indie music spotlights, LOU Tells a West Coast Story in Superb New EP “Gettin’ Away”.

  1. 1. What's My Name DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 1:50
  2. 2. I Do Damage DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 4:55
  3. 3. Clean Cut DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 1:50
  4. 4. The Man Of The Hour DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 2:05
  5. 5. Scratch Ya Face Off DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 2:05
  6. 6. Cut The Music DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 4:54
  7. 7. BROOKLYN BK DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 1:57
  8. 8. So Ill DJ Ace The Cut Lieutenant 3:30
Editors Note: Mr. Acu Rhodes, sir, thank you for inspiring me as a young black man in America. For letting me know I’m on the right path and for showing love to a newcomer. Thank you for sharing your hope and strength with me as it’s gone a long way. You’re not just a father, you’re not just a NYPD Lieutenant. You’re a hero to young men who look like me. In this present time, I am blessed you’ve entered my life. As there’s no better time than the present. May angels always move in your favor.