Life’s A Little Better With Man Tau’s “A New Beginning”

The Berlin native gives us a taste of nostalgia in his latest single.

How it feels to float, songs have the power to take us places. As notes carry memories, the soundtrack to our lives stems from the music that’s shaped us. When listening to Man Tau’s latest effort, a feeling of warmth takes over and resonates with the listener. There’s a sense of comfort in knowing everything will be just fine. This speaks volumes to the world now. This resounding cut showcases the founder of “Rainbow Rock” at his most transparent. Man Tau takes his best shot, and.. doesn’t miss.

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With his it’s laid back sonic signature, featuring smooth percussion elements and a memorable lead synth which gives the song balance and texture. While the constant supporting bass give the song a wonderful bounce as Man Tau’s mellowed sudo-tenor cuts through the instrumental elements beautifully.

There’s a wonderful cohesion present when listening to this record. We enjoyed playing this record and even got several spins as its replay value is high. We’re curious to see what Man Tau follows this up with. Whatever it is, we’re excited to listen. You can listen to Man Tau’s “A New Beginning” in the player below. Lastly, for more indie spotlights, Bullion Offers a Transcendent Experience with “Cinema Down”.