KAYPAIGE Takes Home The Gold with Latest Single “CREW”

The Boston native delivers for her latest offering.

The queen returns, this time with a track set to take off during these warmer months. The new single dubbed “CREW” features warm, lush instrumentation and fantastic vocals courtesy of miss KAYPAIGE and Kyle Young. Starting with a beautiful guitar lead setting the tone for this summer infused track. The production features well-balanced dynamics and sonic elements that can be felt as opposed to heard but their presence cannot be ignored. Paired with a vocal range between the two artists that give the track form and flexibility.

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The centerpiece is the message behind the record. As this record features both a domestic and international version, with the international featuring Korean Rapper “SadBoy JB. The record signifies a return to life as we know it. Enjoying time with friends, family, loved ones, and of course. Your crew. Especially after a hectic past year. We do feel as this would be the perfect summer anthem to get you ready for the hotter and far more enjoyable days in the future.

With both versions available now, the song has incredible range but regarding the US version, Kyle Young absolutely goes off. His verse gives the song much needed balance. We love the fusion these two have created with this record. We look forward to see what they have for us in the future.

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You can listen to the full track “CREW” in the player below. Be sure to follow KAYPAIGE on all platforms and share your thoughts in the comments section below. Lastly, for more indie features and spotlights, B.A. Franklin Releases Stellar New Record “Unique”.