velvet leaves . The Definitive Vibe Playlist

A couple months back I started working on a playlist to… set the mood…. just for the fun of it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going anywhere, getting stuck at 10 songs, or so. It just so happens my colleague, Kam, hit me up for another collaboration. What did he suggest? A “wavy vibe” (pun very much intended) playlist. At first, these two were going to be separate. However, it seemed as though the two sounds were just too similar to ignore. We decided it would be best to meld the two into one. The result: myself and Kam Jenkins’ latest collaborative effort, velvet leaves .

The namesake is quite an accurate representation of the playlist. velvet leaves . is incredibly smooth, silky, buttery — whatever textural words you imagine when envisioning a “vibe.” Despite the merger, you can still sense the the tension brought by the more “explicit” portions of the playlist. However, a touch of class and nostalgia has been added. On the other hand there’s the sounds you can nod your head to and chill out. Certain vocals will make you feel as though you’re floating. Meanwhile the production brings comfort, relaxation, and a feeling you can’t help but savor.

We made sure to include some classics you may imagine, as well as their contemporary counterparts. Soul, RNB, Hip Hop, and even the occasional Indie and Electronic songs, all come together within velvet leaves . Kam and I made our best attempt at capturing that elusive “vibe” feeling that’s become synonymous with genres such as R&B and Soul. We included huge names like SZA and A$AP Rocky, as well as legendary artists like Stevie Wonder. But I won’t spoil too much. In the end, velvet leaves . is a compilation of the sensual, charming, and endearing sounds where it began. Along with the infectious and WAVY sounds with which it melded. Encapsulating the sensation of a “vibe,” velvet leaves . provides a buttery and silky sound that your ears will never grow tired of.


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