Rage Against The Dying of The Light, The Universe Belongs to AFK

The New York based collective create in a different dimension, daring you to come with.


When time moves, for some it’s a matter of perception. You may ask, “How does time move for me?” “Is it running prolonged today?” “Or will the day pass me by forthwith?” Whatever be your fate. There’s no space AFK doesn’t occupy. There’s no realm to hide, no fortress is safe. As this New York collective operates within an unfiltered vacuum of chaos. Thomas “TK” Karas, who serves as the sonic deliverer for the experiment, operates as I’ve seen no one before. His production lives in a space outside of our three dimensions. It’s oxymoronic in its approach as Karas understands the art of codifying rage sonically. This paired with his knack for disrupting typical arrangements, showcases his uncanny yet dynamic artistry. With an ear far more tuned than his contemporaries. Paired with the assistance of official drummer Danny Marmolejos, the collective set production ablaze as the leaders in this new chaos renaissance. 

Within Reign, All Hail Dakota Jones Band

Alas, meet the lion behind the madness, there’s a truth behind every lyric uttered by AFK frontrunner Brandon Pettus. His presence holds no-frills and his vocal presence demands your immediate deliberation. Each record replicates an immense battle for sanity. As Pettus hovers comfortably over TK’s production, aggressive yet still with a sense of conviction. Colonizing chaos with unwarranted sonic narratives that leave you with more than you expected. As of now Pettus has one of the best deliveries in the game. Brash, piercing, unapologetic, and truthful verses that drive the narrative. AFK isn’t here to play, and when they do, it’s still above the level.

Xanakin Skywok Teams Up With SADFRIENDD For “Jazz Hands”

As you take heed continuously, you can truly perceive the rich dynamics behind each of the records. The rugged/decomposed subject matter set the stage for what you can expect yet within each corner. Karas hides gems for you to discover throughout the production, as some elements he understands deserve to be felt as opposed to the typical and apparent sonically driven wave format delivery. Standout records such as “Typhoid” bring the high octane energy you’d expect from AFK. While tracks like “Ugotmail” feature a consistent and trancelike 808 throughout, setting the tone for an immense vexation release.

“My life, I’m bout to tear em to seams. I only smoke cause I’m scared of my dreams”

One of our favorite records, “MISSING” provides the perfect balance within its duality. At its inception, a rebellious, distorted drum arrangement, backed by ranging sporadic elements to support the aggressive nature of the Kara’s production. Yet the record melts into a part two that becomes introspective and beautiful within its expression of the deepest emotions rarely displayed by the group. Supported by a pad-like synth lead, and other production elements. The record is a reminder that while it may feel complete, there’s still an abundance of emotions left to offer. Yet you leave “MISSING” feeling satisfied. As you’ll feel you’ve received everything you needed. AFK may not be your first selection but when your mind needs a release. They are the perfect medium. With talent that exceeds expectations, and a style untouched by human hands. AFK live in the future. May time forever move faster for you, so you may see and share the future with us. May the universe honor you all. Rage Against The Dying of The Light.

EDITORS NOTE: Thomas, continue to press forward. May your art forever be untethered to the opinions of others. We’re honored to share your vision with the world. You three are ahead of your time, continue to hone your craft. You all play on a different grid. To Brandon Pettus, you are the future, without question. Fear no one, as a generational talent. Let no one tell you otherwise, forever gifted. – WP

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