Landis Earthborn Experiments With New Sounds in “It’ll Come To You”

A song with the perfect bounce for the warmer months on the horizon.

While music is the substance behind our emotions. Landis’ latest offering gives fans one of the best grooves for an emotionally charged summer. The song is a synth driven, funk-pop influenced track with Landis’ production taking center stage. With a welcomed assist from crooner Earl Cutter as he floats effortlessly over the dynamically arranged production.

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We heard this track while in New York. With such a great bounce and stellar attention to detail, we believe Landis Earthbord and Earl Cutter is a match made in heavy as the two compliment each other’s skill sets effortlessly. Giving each the space and freedom to showcase their talents unapologetically. “It’ll Come To You” may not be on your radar but it should as these two set the stage for the soundscape of future projects. We’re excited to hear what these two bring to the table together in the future as well as their solo efforts.

You can listen to “It’ll Come To You” by Landis Earthborn feat Earl Cutter in the player below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments as well. Lastly, for more indie spotlights, Laura Fleont Showcase Their Sonic Versatility With “Love You”.