UAP AB Drops Off Dynamic New Single “Nightrider”

His latest single takes fans on a stealthy ride through his emotions.

UAP (Urban And Proud) AB is an artist hailing from the UK. His passion extends well into his music as he gives the truthful perspectives of his realities. His latest effort is no exception as it is a complete vibe straight up and down. What we love is the excellent use of auto-tune. We’re partial to it, but it’s often overused. We’re happy that UAP AB finds a good balance of this. The track features a simple synth lead backed by a booming 808’s and flickering hi hats.

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The attention to detail captures the listener as UAP AB focuses on other things far more significant than typical rap rhetoric. You pair this with his ability to make glorious music and what you have is something all its own. We think they could easily feature this record in a movie or movie. The production comes in strong and mellows out over a smooth airy synth pad and lush instrumentation. We hope to hear more from UAP AB when he releases more material. You can check out his latest single “Nightrider” via Apple Music in the icon above the image or on Spotify via the player below. Lastly, for more indie music spotlights, Kid Travis Croons of a Fatal Attraction on “Won’t Let Me Go”

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