The Wave This Week 3/03/21

The boys discuss Madison Beer, Lady Gaga's dog walker, LeBron and Zlatan exchange opinions and more NBA talk.

Welcome to the conspiracy episode. This week we dive into some crazy theories and possibilities involving the aliens. Are they they real? Who knows about them? Are they going to kill us all? We don’t have any of the answers, but we have all the speculations.

The Wave This Week 1/06/21

Kam comes in clutch with some updates on what’s happening in the music world. He offers up his thoughts and a quick review of the new Madison Beer album. We also touch on the tragic events surrounding Lady Gaga’s dog walker. We venture into unfamiliar territory and talk about hunks of the ages. What did it take to be a Hollywood heartthrob thought the decades? Who was the most iconic hunk? Our answers and extreme tangents are guaranteed not to disappoint.

Last but not least we have some NBA updates. LeBron and Zlatan exchange shots about activism and politics within the sports community. We also touch on the social expectations that are placed on athletes and if they are fair or not.

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