The saga continues. Hip-hop savant JPEGMAFIA returns with a brief project. As one of my all-time faves, Peggy hardly ever lets me down. When I first heard “LAST DANCE!” I didn’t know how to feel. While I loved him stepping in a new direction, I missed the vibes from his previous albums. The main difference between this EP and his past ‘sound’ is his vocal tone. Typically, Peggy emits the most energy of just about anybody in the music industry. His cerebral aggression brings out the animal in me. There are days where I feel as though I am single-handedly keeping his career afloat. Of course, that is utterly false. It’s just that when artists hold themselves to a high standard of quality they receive endless repeats from me. At seven tracks and less than 18 minutes of runtime, EP2! encapsulates what makes Peggy great.


Passionate bars filled with truth. Fearless vibrations. Lush, streamlined production. If you’re unaware, JPEGMAFIA writes, produces, mixes, and masters all his own material. So when Peggy hits your ears, please appreciate the amount of time, effort, and love (and also hate) that goes into these songs. For first-time Peggy listeners, I would recommend starting with this EP. Due to his relatively gentle delivery here, this project feels much more accessible than works prior. The glitchy, rabid approach from Veteran is missing in action. Yet for this particular sonic palette the change of pace fits rather well. The most prominent sounds here are synth horns, organic percussion, and wavy synthesizers. Each instrumental blends seamlessly with the next, creating a cozy aesthetic. Throwing it on repeat feels both natural and necessary.

Cooper Neill / Getty Images

Peggy resumes his left-field narrative, calling out politicians, wack rappers, and industry lames alike. He matches relentless grit with astute awareness to highlight the darkness which surrounds our reality. As a Peggy fanatic, this release satisfied me without a doubt. This is an EP. Therefore his best hooks and thoughts are likely still in the vault. Nevertheless, it is his more reserved delivery and infrequently faint vocal mix that holds his project back a little bit. The shorter the tracklist, the more impactful each track needs to be, in my opinion. So for those who aren’t already familiar with his work, this EP probably won’t get them hip. Though let’s be real; Peggy doesn’t give a fuck who listens and who doesn’t. That’s why I love him as an artist. He works his ass off and never stares into the rearview for too long. Peep this for stealthy, pensive vibes.


Vocal Performance
Elite Lyricism
Wavy Aesthetic
Cohesive Instrumentals
Some Underwhelming Vocals
Minimal Sonic Overlap
Loose Song Structure
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