A curated playlist dedicated to anime lovers and gamers.

Listen to the Over 9000 By WAVE FM Anime Gamers Playlist
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Growing up, we’ve always been fans of anime. But most would agree, sometimes the best parts of anime have nothing to do with the amazing animation. Or the mind-warping, hyper-realistic fight scenes. What drives some of the best anime’s is the music. What we’ve done is bring you some of our favorite music from some of our favorite anime’s. Anime’s such as Naruto, Bleach and Samurai Champloo. We’ve also added hip hop and smooth chill cuts to help you casually enjoy your most intense gaming sessions.

Here at Wavy Pack, we pride ourselves on curation. We think it’s a fundamental part of what makes us love what we do. We’re fans of gaming, and theirs a special place in our hearts for anime. So we made an anime gamers playlist. We’ll update this playlist on a bi-weekly basis, 40 songs to help bring you you some of the best music centered on gaming. We hope you enjoy Over 9000. Available on Apple Music and Spotify. You can listen to the playlist via the player below. Lastly, for more playlist, be sure to check out our Essentials Playlists and the official WavyPack playlist, WAVE FM.


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